I design books, posters, websites and brands for cultural and commercial fields. For this, it is particularly important that you know your values and your aims.

I would gladly help you by giving a new perspective on your company or project.

At the same time, however, it is important for me and my partners to be convinced by your idea, so that we can develop your brand with sufficient commitment and emphasis. The work can only be better if it comes from a deep motivation on behalf of the client and the designer.
Convince me with your ideas and let us bring your projects to life.

Honesty and openness are strongly important for me when it comes to building and developing a brand. If you truly want to strengthen your brand, you have to ask yourself unpleasant questions and bear with conclusions that can be disenchanting. But this is a necessary evil for your company to take the next step and stand out from the competition.

My passion for ideas, forms and details doesn’t give me a peace of mind until I have reached a work which I’m happy with. This is also necessary. I’m strongly convinced that good design in terms of use and experience can significantly improve a product or communication.

Everything will fall back on us someday – For this reason, it is important for me to work on projects which are compatible with my values. I don’t want to discriminate anyone directly or structurally, and I don’t design sexist, racist, homophobic or antisemitic content.

My work should be sustainable in two aspects.

  • The product should be sustainably designed or achieve a sustainable impact
  • More generally, I want to pursue aims which bring something to humans and our society.

If you want to measure your project against these aspects and if you are interested in designers who stand up for you and your values, I look forward to working with you.